Mobile Development

We build Mobile Apps using the most widely-spread technologies. We try to start with the most convenient platform. If the device needs a camera, an address book or a calendar, a “native” app like an iPhone or an iPad app may be the right choice. For other products, especially content-only products such as text, images, videos, and landing pages, a mobile web app makes sense because all modern smartphones can render HTML, “responsive” designs are easy to implement, we can create and iterate quickly, and we also can deploy new versions multiple times a day. We’ll recommend the best approach for your business needs.


Like iOS, we write our Android apps natively, in Java. Our designers follow Material Design guidelines, and we’ll get your app in Google Play painlessly.





We build our iOS apps using Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C. No third-party platforms sit between iOS and the code we write, which means we are always ready to adopt the latest technologies from Apple.




React Native

React Native gives us the chance to write fast, native applications on Android and iOS in a single codebase while sharing large amounts of logic. This means we can ship faster to both platforms.

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